The Untamed Classroom

Welcome to Untamed Alchemy's online learning platform where you can connect with courses and resources to become an active source of magic in your own life.


Online Courses

Not able to join our onsite workshops? Work in the wild at your own pace via online courses that empower you to explore and engage the principles of Untamed Alchemy to reconnect you with the magic in the mundane.

Journal Prompts & Worksheets

Feeling stuck and needing inspiration? Connect with resources like journal prompts and downloadable worksheets to reinvigorate your relationship with your Self.

Guided Meditations

Want to move more deliberately and meaningfully through your every day? Engage the library of guided meditations and proprietary rituals to facilitate inspired daily practice and seasonal/milestone celebrations.

Celebrate the Magic in Nature

Deepen your relationship with aromatics, herbs, and oils, flora and fauna, seasons and cycles, myths and mysteries, magic and medicine. Recover your power and reclaim your story to grow, transform, enchant, and heal.

Connect in Community

Come together with other students in a safe and sacred space, meet and engage new friends, share your personal experience, and explore fresh perspectives in our thoughtfully-curated community forum.

Make Your Magic!

Click below to connect and bring the magic of Untamed Alchemy into your relationships with your Self, your body, your family, your natural environment, and your world. (Pssst....You'll immediately get a FREE magical herbs & spices download!)


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